Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow; and everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.
But John Locke said, and Jefferson wrote, “Who the hell does Mary think she is? That sheep belongs to Mary’s father or at least that rich, white landowner who is most likely Mary’s father. (Although the timing of Mary’s birth was strange considering her supposed father was away most of last year on business.) However it is tantamount (whatever that word means) and obvious that the inalienable rights are determined by gender and skin color, so that little hussy should stop pretending to things beyond her station. Following her to school? What next? She’ll probably want equal pay for equal work.”
Then Lenin said, “No the sheep belongs to the people. Mary can not have a whole sheep to herself, and that supposed father with all the sheeps, he can’t have them either. Both of them must give up their sheeps and stand in line like the rest of us. Who do they think they are with the sheep waiting outside the school one day, two days? How many days? I don’t care! Get in line Mary and Mary’s father and wait your turn for your share of sheep.”

Unfortunately after that, the sheep got tired of being everyone’s little lamb, so they said, “Mary can have the sheep back, but we’re taking the wool and buying a better sheep. Aren’t we nice to Mary? ”
By that time Mary had died of starvation but that was her own damn fault for not working hard enough. It’s all right; because she probably would have just eaten the poor abused thing.